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Medium Voltage

WARCHAL Strings utilizes the experience of two generations of professional violinists. Our high quality ropes are created using cutting edge technology. We use the latest materials and now you can benefit from the advanced formulations we have developed. Warchal Strings has also introduced several new and unique ideas, such as our used string recycling program and our new helix violin E strings. We continually invest in product research and development and are committed to providing musicians with exceptional quality.

It is possible to configure the set with the following options:
  • 701B. 1st Mi. Ball. Medium.
  • 701FB. 1st Mi. Ball. Forte.
  • 701L. 1st Mi. Ribbon. Medium.
  • 701FL. 1st Mi. Ribbon. Forte.
  • 702. 2nd La. Hydronalium/Hydronalium.
  • 703. 3rd Re. Hydronalium/Hydronalium-Plata.
  • 703S. 3rd Re. Hydronalium/Silver.
  • 704. 4ª Sol. Stainless steel/Pure silver.

The E string is based on a unique spiral system method that gives the string great elasticity, improving the sound quality significantly. They provide a sound similar to gut strings. Rich and warm sound.