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Thomastik Infeld

SET Thomastik ALPHAYUE Cello Strings

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  • Alphayue is the perfect combination of an unbeatable price, along with the quality and durability of Thomastik-Infeld strings. They have instant response, flexibility and a colorful tone. This model of strings improves the sound of even the most basic student instrument, and it is a surprise to play with them. Alphayue cello strings delight with beautiful warmth and well-directed focus. Custom-made Hydronalium winding of the first string makes it thicker, providing a very soft finger feel and immediate playability. This combination of materials also offers a distinctive and highly focused warm sound, offering new possibilities previously unattainable at this level. They are insensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, and do not deteriorate with sweat.

    · 1st The AL41: steel/hydronalium
    · 2nd Re AL42: steel/multi-alloy
    · 3rd Sol AL43: steel/chrome
    · 4th C AL44: steel/chrome

    · Half

    · 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8